Do Body Parts Affect Safety?

The moments right after a collision bring up a lot of questions. Am I OK? Is everyone else OK? What’s the damage to my car? Will my auto insurance cover this? When will my car be fixed? Assuming there are no injuries, the first thing on your mind is probably getting your car repaired as soon as possible. And most likely, the last thing on your mind is what kind of body parts your body shop will use. It might not seem like a big deal. Body parts are body parts, right?

Wrong. Hondas are made up of complex integrated systems that work together to optimize performance and safety. They are specifically designed, down to the most minuscule increment, to work in tandem with the other Honda vehicle systems. The smallest deviation of these specs can effect safety. This makes a lot of sense for the internal safety systems, but it also applies to the exterior of your Honda, like the doors, hood or bumpers.

For example, the bumper on a Honda is an integral element of the complex ACE™ body structure. It helps distributes crash energy evenly, and away from the vehicles occupants. In a recent independent study, Honda come up with hard data that shows how aftermarket parts affect safety system performance. The lab compared a Honda bumper to an aftermarket bumper, and, 42 out of 45 points did NOT match Hondas specifications. Another independent test also revealed that using aftermarkets parts can DOUBLE the cost of repair in a subsequent crash.

The reason? Aftermarkets parts are most often constructed using reverse engineering. This  means the manufacturer examines the real Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part and tries to duplicate it. That might seem like a sound strategy, but it can be  a guessing game. These after market parts also don’t have to meet the OEM’s strict testing and quality requirements. That can mean body parts that aren’t up to Honda stringent standards for materials, design and construction.

Keenan Collision Center, uses OEM Honda parts, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is being repaired the right way. Don’t compromise your safety. Be sure to insist on Genuine Honda parts. Questions? Please feel free to contact Keenan Collision by phone at 215-345-6800 or via their website.