Questions About Auto Body Repair?

If you find yourself in need of an auto collision repair, you probably have several questions. Here are a few of the questions often asked by our Keenan Collision Center customers.

Q. Do I have to use the collision repair shop recommended by my insurance company?
A. No. You make the ultimate decision on which auto collision repair shop to use. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to get your car repaired, and your claim processed, as quickly as possible.

Q. How long will it take to repair my car?
A. We’ll evaluate the damage to your vehicle, and will provide you with an estimate of how long the repairs will take. Occasionally, things like hidden damage and parts that are on back-order may cause delays. However, we’ll be sure to let you know if anything surfaces that may cause a deviation to our initial repair time estimate.

Q. How many estimates should I get?
A. Just one, and be sure to get it from a reputable auto collision repair company. Our repair estimates are generated from a computer repair data base for accuracy and consistency. If another collision repair center estimate is significantly lower than ours, it could be a red flag. The lower quote could be a result of non-OEM parts being used, or because they didn’t do a thorough evaluation of the damage. At Keenan Collision Center, we use only high quality OEM parts for auto collision repair.

Q. Will the repaired area paint match the rest of my car?
A. Several coats of factory specific paint create those beautiful glossy paint finishes. Our Keenan Collision Center has state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to emulate the factory finish for a perfect match. One of our biggest goals is to make sure your vehicle is not only repaired for optimal safety, but for optimal looks too!

Q. Do I get a rental car while my car is being repaired?
A. Rental car coverage might be included in your auto insurance policy. You’ll want to check your policy, or call your insurance provider to confirm. But even if rental car coverage is not covered by your insurance, we can help you make arrangements with a local car rental company, and you can pay them directly.

Q. Will my car ever be the same?
A. Keenan Collision Center uses only the highest quality refinishing materials. Being a Honda and Mercedes-Benz Factory Certified Collision repair facility  means that we must repair every car to factory specifications in all aspects from safety, performance, function, appearance and longevity of repairs. Our mission is to do everything possible to give our customer a car that has no evidence of repairs.

Q. How long do I have to wait to wash my car?
A. After we repair your car, we will wash it thoroughly to double check that all of the cosmetic repairs were made correctly. All acrylic urethane and ceramic paints need 30 days to dry completely and make the physical change from a liquid to a cured paint. In this time period, it is recommended only to carefully wash the car in the proper environment with the correct materials. We recommend consulting a professional or contact the Keenan Motors Service Department for a safe and professional cleaning. No waxing or sealants should be put on the fresh paint before the first 30 days. Curing paint needs to breathe to allow the solvents to escape and cure properly. When it is time to wash, follow these suggestions to help ensure your paint job looks its best for years to come:

•    Hand wash vehicle with a soft cloth and a mild car wash solution.
•    Wash your vehicle in the shade.
•    Avoid hard/stiff brushes or sponges.
•    Avoid parking under trees (bird droppings are acidic and damage a new paint .job. Tree sap can also harm a freshly painted surface).
•    Keep harsh chemicals away from the new finish (gasoline, wiper fluid, antifreeze, etc.).
•    Gently brush (don’t scrape) ice and snow off the newly painted surface.

We welcome any additional questions you might have. Feel free to contact Keenan Collision Center in Doylestown, PA at (215) 345-6800 or via our website